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The Game

Join the twin princes of Babylon, Nasir and Blasir, in their quest for peace in ancient Iraq. Use unique tag-team collaborative play and fast spin and drill moves to solve challenging puzzles, find hidden treasures and unlock bonus levels. Experience a masterpiece of ancient Mesopotamian art like nothing you have seen before.

Two-Character Co-Op Play

Beautifully Reconstructed Ancient Mesopotamia

Authentic Middle Eastern Music

5 Unique Environments with over a dozen Challenging Levels

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Find Treasures and Learn about History


"Well preserved artefact - resembling a cross between Aladdin and Prince of Persia - SILVER AWARD 8/10, Game of the Week"

The Back Story

Babylonian Twins was originally developed for the revolutionary Commodore Amiga computer in Baghdad under the difficult economic sanctions period between 1993 and 1994. However, the game was never published due the economic sanctions and the demise of Commodore ( TouchArcade article, Buttonless bookInterview with the author and Wired.com article). The game is considered by many to be the first commercial quality game developed in Iraq.

Babylonian Twins - Babylon

The game author, producer and programmer, Rabah Shihab, was at that time a student at the computer engineering department at Baghdad University. He developed the game with the help of his friends Murtadha Salman, a talented artist who was a student at the Architecture department at the same university, and Mahir AlSalman, a talented musician and a medical student at that time.

The game was developed on one Amiga 500 computer with only 500KB of memory and no hard drive. The game was written entirely in MC68000 assembly language with direct programming of the Amiga custom chips. A proprietary map editor was developed to design the game levels. The team used authentic history books to derive the graphics of the game and the soundtracks were all original.

In 2007, a video of the game was posted on YouTube which was later discovered by the Amiga community and posted on the English Amiga Board.  With strong demand from the community, Rabah prepared and released a demo of the game for the Amiga in 2008. The demo was well received with thousands of downloads and unique hits on the game's website from over 70 countries.

In early 2009, after more than 15 years of completing the original Amiga project. Rabah reunited his original team to port and release the game on the iPhone and other platforms. The new version includes enhanced HD graphics, music and sounds, and new innovative game play elements and many additional levels.

Game Help

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  • To unlock The Striding Lions level (Procession Street), you need to finish the Ruined Palace Level (Assyrian Palace) in less than 10 minutes (with a score of 5000 or more)
  • To unlock The Old Neighborhood level (Procession Street), you need to finish The Endless Loop Level (The Tower of Babylon) with more than 1500 in score and with minimum 2 lives left.
  • To unlock The Blue Palace level (The Tower of Babylon), you need to finish both Procession Street levels
  • To unlock The Dragon Level (the last level in the game), you need to unlock all game levels first

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"Lush graphics, easy controls and formidable levels set Babylonian Twins apart from your average iPhone game"

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